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We reach more than 10,000 readers across upstate New York. And they aren't just crazy about their horses. From dining out to shopping to entertainment, they're looking for the best of the good life.  And they have the income to indulge their taste.

The median income for horse-owning households is $60,000; one-third have incomes in six figures. Among competitors, that rises to 50%. A majority are in the desirable 34-54 age group.

Your business is our priority. Whether it's riding gear, lessons, that perfect piece of equestrian jewelry, their next set of wheels or a place to unwind, your ad reaches its target market when it appears in New York Horse.

About the magazine:

NYH is an all-breeds, all-disciplines quarterly filled with local stories, beautiful photography, practical advice and secrets worth stealing. 

‚ÄčWe direct mail free copies of each issue to members of equine organizations across upstate, including the NYS Horse Council, Syracuse Professional Horseman's Association and CNY Reining Horse Association.

Through our media partnership with the New York State Fair, we multiply the geographic reach of every ad. We distribute complimentary copies at every major Coliseum horse show including the Empire State Quarter Horse Association fall show and the CNY Reining Horse Association Fall Classic -- both the largest shows of their kind in the northeast. We also have a presence in the World of Horses tent through the run of the fair, which brings in an estimated 18,000 riders, family and support staff. 

Find us, too, at top regional equine events and clinics, and at area veterinary offices, restaurants and hotels. Again in 2017, we will also have a booth at the Western New York Equifest.

Magazine ads get results:

Magazines are the top medium for reader engagement:

  • Magazines rank No. 1 for advertising acceptance (76%)
  • The average reader spends 40 minutes with each issue.
  • Magazine advertising outperforms both TV and online for critical purchase drivers.
  • And print magazine readership increases with income -- more than any other media.